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Worship Leaders

The worship leaders are pupils from year 5 upwards and are essential in assisting in the delivery and preparation of collective worship. On a weekly basis they make sure we have the worship table correctly prepared and positioned making sure we have the right liturgical colours for the time of year. They help in the delivery with the PowerPoints, sound and assist in many other ways in collective worship. 

For the bronze award which currently all of the year 5 worship leaders have achieved. We have looked at the types of prayer as well as the main Christian Celebrations.  They have planned and set up a prayer station which is present in the foyer and explored the Lord’s Prayer in detail.




For the silver award they will have to plan and lead parts of the collective worship either delivered in class or the hall.  They have to be able to evaluate acts of worship. They will be expected to describe how a Bible story has been thought provoking and how passages fit into the school’s values.




The Gold award takes up the evaluation of worship and moves it on so pupils can design a way of evaluating worship. They will be expected to work with others to plan and deliver a whole act of worship.  Describe how the Bible and the school’s values have affected them. Talking in detail about Christian celebrations, the symbols associated with them and how that fits in to the cycle of the Church year.